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Meetings are typically held on the last Sunday of every other month. They are hybrid, with some being virtual and others in-person.


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Referral Program

When you refer 5 people who join at any level, you will receive a free Afrikanah Book Club tote bag! Be sure your referrals mention your full name when registering.



  1. Does membership include the cost of books?
    1. Membership does not include the cost of books. Members are encouraged to order books in advance to keep up with the reading calendar.
  2. What is included in reading guides?
    1. The monthly reading guides include a daily reading schedule, discussion questions, and other important information to facilitate the reading process and book club discussions.
  3. How can we communicate and discuss books between meetings?
    1. Members will be added to GroupMe. Weekly discussion questions and topics will be posted there.
  4. Can non-members purchase productss?
    1. Non-members can still shop with us! Our tote bags and mugs are for sale.
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