Lindsay Gary, MPA, MA 

Founder & Lead Curator
Afrikanah Book Club was founded by Lindsay Gary in February 2018. She is a professor-scholar, multidisciplinary artivist, and social entrepreneur whose mission is to educate, connect, and empower the African Diaspora. 

Jalyce Taylor

Co Curator--English
Currently a medical student at the University of Houston, Jalyce is a founding member of Afrikanah Book Club and an avid reader. She is passionate about increasing access to Black literature. 

Yesenia Escobar Espitia

Co Curator--Español
Currently a PhD student in Spanish and Teaching Assistant at Temple University (Philadelphia, USA), Yesenia is an Afro-Colombian writer, teacher, researcher and lawyer, Afro-feminist activist, and human rights defender. 

Afrikanah Book Club